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Home Automation: The New Buzz

December 2015

In this age of ‘’Internet of Things’’, automated homes, are not to be left behind.  Home automation is prodding towards the development of a smart home, where all or some of the electrical devices are integrated to a central system and can be monitored through a tablet, smartphone or computer. Smart home helps you stay connected to your living space and take control on it all the time. 


Realistically even with the DIY Home Automation guidelines, a smart home may seem to be an unrealistic choice, due to the high expense of automation. However, the advantages of an automated home overrule the pocket pinch. Connected devices help save natural resources by efficient utilization of energy, water and electricity. Electrical devices at home can be remotely controlled by a tablet or smartphone thereby enhancing a sense of connection with your home at any time and any place! Video door phone recording and monitoring through tablet, like that at Park Mist with 2.5 and 3 BHK homes in Mumbai, deliver a sense of security to your family. Internet enabled cameras, smart video door phones, automated smoke alarms are some of the safety features of a smart home. Text and e-mail reminders or voice alerts are some advanced features that might enable senior members of the society to lead an independent and secure life. The realty sector is looking at safety, convenience and efficiency proffered by automation systems as an asset.


All you need for a secure and smart home is smart devices, a strong Wi-Fi connection and a central hub for integration of the devices. The future of smart homes is very bright and evolving with innovation and options. Let's evolve with time and automate our homes!