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We will work with best talent from the industry with a lot of expectations and soon the success will followOur focus vision - “To be among the top 10 most admired Developers in India by 2020” is not just for the company but also for our employees

Get Real - Rise high with high rises

Real estate, owes its status in India as an industry, which incidentally was awarded only around year 1998-2000. In the coming decade, the world would be looking at the soaring Indian economy which will evidently need support from real estate & infrastructure sectors. No sector is as diversified as much as real estate which provides various skill specific opportunities like Sales & Marketing, Construction, Architecture, Investment & Marketing etc. across various variants like residential, commercial, office space, hotels & resorts, weekend retreats & retail.

We believe in Creating Leaders and prove the quote “Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great inspire others to raise their own bar”

Get Growth - Come grow with us

Richa Realtors, as a growing organisation in the real estate sector and provides endless opportunities for professional talent with promising times. We are growing at the rate of more than 100% and thus promises a rich and diverse exposure, inspiring leadership & employee friendly work environment. The workplace provides multiple on job opportunities which sharpens skills and knowledge of employee and thus meet the target of “becoming the most preferred employer to work with”.

Get Company - Work with the best talent

One of the core values of the company is “We will work with best talent from the industry with a lot of expectations and soon the success will follow”. This core values are well considered while hiring and getting talent on board. The Average Age of the company i.e. 34 years depicts clearly that company not only has young but also dynamic talent. Human Resource department is actively involved in employee branding and hence have tied up with top premium and tier 1 institutes from India like IIT’s & IIM’s.

Get Rewarded – We share the fruits

At Richa we strongly believe in “Making employee’s billion rather than being one”. Sharing organisational success in terms of both monetary and non-monetary with our employees is strongly inculcated in our culture. We not only offer promising compensation but created a platform with rewards for employees to develop industry benchmark ideas, discover pioneer patents & think out of the box.

Get Righteous - Do everything the right way

We with a professional approach to our work try to match work ethos standards with the best companies. Richa Realtors function on its 4 pillar elements i.e. Agility, Responsiveness, Transparency & Integrity. We do everything the right way keeping the vision and mission in our mind. In our everyday work, we generously make efforts to bring about positive change in the lives of our stakeholders, employees & business partners and to contribute to our society and our environment.

To know more about the company, its history, vision, philosophy, management team and accomplishments refer to the Corporate Overview & About Us section.

Human Capital is one of the most important factors for any Real estate organisation. At Richa Developers, we firmly believe that our teams and associates are our backbone and our biggest assets. Therefore, all our activities, policies and practices are focused on their betterment.

In today’s competitive environment, rapid and accurate response to changing market scenarios and situation is important. Technological advancements, law amendments, threats from emerging markets and shifts in social trends and fashions, all influence business in numerous ways.

Keeping these things in mind, an intensive skill-gap analysis is conducted at Richa Developers, resulting in a vigorous training and development schedule. The training not only enhances domain skills, but also improves skills related to interpersonal communication. We mentor and guide our employees to be valuable contributors to the growth of the organisation, and aspire to a progressive career path.

We believe that it is critical to have highly skilled employees who work towards creating 'class-apart' landmarks and provide exceptional services. Our focus is to develop professionalism and to instil a sense of ownership at work. We encourage our people to innovate and learn from experience.

Just as an organisation needs the right talent to drive its business objectives, its employees also need conducive environment to grow and achieve their career goals. The work environment at Richa Developers not only adheres to maintaining a healthy work-life balance but also renders the feeling of being at the right place with the right kind of people.

A good work-life balance and holistic development is of utmost importance to us . The Richa Developers Engagement Program was established with an aim to strengthen the bonds between employees and to develop hidden aspirations and talents through participation in various events. From quizzes to sports to dance and cultural events, RDEP is a unique way for the employees to showcase their talents. It gives everyone the opportunity to have casual interactions and bond with each other. It is just one of the many ways that we make work more fun.

Our aim at Richa Developers is to offer a conducive and nourishing work experience to our employees. We believe continuous training, practice, fun activities and an excellent work environment go a long way in creating happy employees.

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